I just went to a new sushi restaurant in downtown Mananas, in the outskirts of outskirts of Washington DC — a very fancy looking restaurant with waiters in black suits. I asked one of them for Saki.   He smiled and said he is not a waiter but a customer.  My waiter, also in black suit finally came around and asked me to follow him.  We went around back and he handed me a black suit.  He said it’s their grand opening night and all are encouraged to wear back suits.  I obliged and came out when someone asked me for some Saki.  I went back to the kitchen and poured him and me some top shelf Saki.  Who knows who is who at a brand new restaurant?  Before sitting back down I noticed that the sushi chefs also wore the same suit so I went back around the sushi bar and pretended I was one of the chefs.  I started calling all the Japanese words I know really loud and took some of the fish out of the cooler when I realized all the fish were also in black suit.  I thought about it a little and decided that I had to do it.  I curled up, wrapped myself in some plastic wrap and crawled into the cooler.  I was immediately grabbed by a chef, cut in very tiny pieces and placed on top of the rice.  I was in heaven — one with the universe.  That’s when they dunked me in soy sauce and put me in my place.  Very delicious I might add.


Mesmerized by the rise and size of the geyser
Czar, czar, czar, she cried.
Zapata zeroed in on Zeus
Bees gathered at the zoo
Zealously — in harmony — and sang
The Bee Gees of course
Z to the G to the B to the W T F is happening to Z planet!!

Black and White

nothing is Black and White, even black and not even white.

It’s not all illusion.

It’s not all real.

you mix it up, spice it up and stir it up.

real is the base, the rest is gravy.

choose your gravy wisely.

June 2014

Spring Ride

Who knows what happens when one goes on a volunteer delivery assignment to York Pennsylvania.  The day is a rainy spring and the music is in the ears.  Different shades of green are the medium.  The joy comes and the journey transcends.

Just like that.

Go figure.

Didn’t even need sunflower seeds.

May 2014

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