I am

I make art.
Therefore I am.

I make war. I make peace.
Therefore I am.

I make joy, I make cry.
I make babies, I kill rats.
I sing songs, I scream mads.
Therefore I am.

I climb trees, I dig holes.
I fly kites, I sink hopes.
I wash my hands, I rattle snakes.
I dream big, I fail bigger.
I sit tight, I dance wilder.
I catch a dream, I let go.
Therefore I am.
Therefore I am.
Therefore I am.

You read this,
you may cry,
you may laugh,
you may wonder.
Therefore you are.


I just went to a new sushi restaurant in downtown Mananas, in the outskirts of outskirts of Washington DC — a very fancy looking restaurant with waiters in black suits. I asked one of them for Saki.   He smiled and said he is not a waiter but a customer.  My waiter, also in black suit finally came around and asked me to follow him.  We went around back and he handed me a black suit.  He said it’s their grand opening night and all are encouraged to wear back suits.  I obliged and came out when someone asked me for some Saki.  I went back to the kitchen and poured him and me some top shelf Saki.  Who knows who is who at a brand new restaurant?  Before sitting back down I noticed that the sushi chefs also wore the same suit so I went back around the sushi bar and pretended I was one of the chefs.  I started calling all the Japanese words I know really loud and took some of the fish out of the cooler when I realized all the fish were also in black suit.  I thought about it a little and decided that I had to do it.  I curled up, wrapped myself in some plastic wrap and crawled into the cooler.  I was immediately grabbed by a chef, cut in very tiny pieces and placed on top of the rice.  I was in heaven — one with the universe.  That’s when they dunked me in soy sauce and put me in my place.  Very delicious I might add.


Mesmerized by the rise and size of the geyser
Czar, czar, czar, she cried.
Zapata zeroed in on Zeus
Bees gathered at the zoo
Zealously — in harmony — and sang
The Bee Gees of course
Z to the G to the B to the W T F is happening to Z planet!

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