Artomatic is a month old exhibition where the organizers find an empty high rise space around DC metro area and rent it out at a very reasonable rate to local artists.  Over 1000 artists displayed their art at Artomatic 2012 in Crystal City, VA.

One of my friends, Dave Norman encouraged and actually pushed me to prepare and exhibit some work at the exhibit.  This, despite my numerous cries that I was not ready.  The experience was incredibly fun and gave me a lot of confidence in what I was doing.

This old TV’s screen was broken on location.  Dave and I actually had a ceremony that was recorded by an anonymous passer by.  This picture was taken at the exhibit when I caught someone meditating in front of the TV.  At one point towards the end of the month old exhibit I recieved a call from the organizers informing me that the TV had an accident.  As it turned out someone backed into the TV and fell into it.  They were not injured but the TV was heart broken.

The cactus was gifted to me by someone who couldn’t take care of it.  It has lots of fungus.  This piece received the most attention at the exhibit.  The most common question?  Are the panties clean?  And the answer is yes.  The sign read Mirage on the other side.

This picture was taken and edited by a local ABC channel reporter, and posted on their website.  This piece was called “The collaboration of the corporations for the green environment.”  40 pepsi cans were planted to spell out COKE.

Begonia’s are one of my favorite plants.  This is one of the few true vertical gardens I have built.  The structure was the first ever I made and was supposed to have automated watering.  It is called “Scream”.

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