My mom’s Fig tree – Dec. 2012

Fig tree, re-purposed water hose, paint (her favorite color)

This piece was made for a couple of dear friends’ wedding.  They gave me the wire balls and the rest is happiness.

Trash & Weeds is a motivation to be re-born.  Questioning old perceptions empower me to showcase the new beauty through my newly found freedom.  My first business card handed to a gallery owner in Washington DC was a cigarette butt picked up right in front of her gallery, with my info written all around it.

This is the piece that broke barriers at different levels for me.  Here, I started calling myself an artist, solely because I could.  The drawers belonged to a found desk that were supposed to be hung from a tree.  My 91 year old father, trying to “clean up”, broke the desk into pieces and put it in trash.  When I came home and saw what had happened, I was upset, but it didn’t take long before the new vision presented itself.  This piece is called Trash & Weeds and is dedicated to my father.

The pots are made out of burlap and chicken wire.  They are either screwed or stapled to the body.

The weeds are either from the yard or a friend’s yard.

I usually get bored with my work after a few days.  I have a feeling this piece will evolve over time.

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